Client Testimonials

"Caroline helped guide me through the most terrifying time of my life. I found myself in a legal mess surrounding addiction I couldn't admit to myself. I believed that my life was over. I interviewed no fewer than 15 attorneys. When I met Caroline, she embodied a unique blend of compassion and expertise that gave me comfort and hope. She counseled me through my legal situation, guided me toward medical treatment, and ultimately helped get my life back on track. I'm in a better place personally and professionally than I could see for myself at the time, and I believe my legal consequences would have been much more harsh without Caroline's thorough, comprehensive counsel." -Client S.E.

"I was arrested for a family violence class A misdemeanor. My ex-girlfriend accused me of assaulting her and I was facing life damaging charges. Ms. Simone was very professional and upfront with me from the very beginning, She explained the court process and potential outcomes for my case. Prior to trial, we reviewed the documents, evidence and discussed strategy. We went to trial and my case was handed over to multiple judges. However Caroline was very prepared and was able to quickly cite laws and other cases which threw off the prosecutors strategy. I was found Not Guilty." -Client M.C.

"I got into some trouble and was facing a felony assault charge. I had no way of proving my innocence. The odds were against me. Today those charges has been dropped and I'm back to my trouble free life, thanks to Caroline. She's truly the best! I would recommend her to my family, friends! Definitely 5 STAR!" -Client V.M.

"After contacting several reputable criminal attorneys, whom all advised me there was not much they could do to help me and my case, I decided to give Ms. Simone a call. She was highly recommended from a friend who she formally represented and I wish I had of called her from the beginning. From the initial phone call, she put me at ease and answered all my questions patiently and thoroughly. After hiring Ms. Simone she continued to be extremely helpful and responsive. She met with my family and I on several occasions to make sure we understood the process. She not only kept her word that she would do everything in her power to get me the best outcome, she was able to get my case dismissed. She knows the law and I felt she went above and beyond to help me out. Justice prevails thanks to Ms. Simone."
-Client N.P.

"Thank goodness for Caroline Simone. I called her in a panic and after meeting with her my worries were lessened. After two weeks working with her my worries virtually disappeared. Caroline is just, calm and succinct-everything I would want in an attorney. I hope I never have to use this sort of an attorney again but if I do I will call Caroline!" -Client N.M.

"Last year I had to hire a criminal defense attorney to combat a false domestic violence charge against me. My freedom, the custody of my two boys and my career were at stake. After meeting with Caroline, I felt much more at ease. Not because she promised anything grandiose, but rather she laid out the situation and told me exactly what to expect. She is well rehearsed in all of the nuances of the criminal justice system. Not only was I found not guilty, the court has expunged the record. Caroline honest and hardworking. Her dedication makes you feel as though I was the only client on her case load. This is certainly an attorney you want on your side." -Client M.G.