Assault Charges Need to be Taken Seriously

If you are facing assault charges, including offenses related to family violence or sexual crimes, you need to contact an experienced lawyer right away. These are some of the easiest cases to end up falsely accused of committing, and they can result in some of the most severe penalties.

At Simone Legal, Inc., we are committed to providing our clients with knowledgeable and aggressive criminal defense. With many years of criminal law experience, including over four as a prosecutor, attorney Caroline Simone possesses the skill and legal understanding necessary to help protect your rights and safeguard your freedom.

You need to contact attorney Caroline Simone as soon as possible, especially since there are some preventative measures she may be able to take to help avoid formal charges from being filed against you. However, even if your case does get filed and you end up going to trial, you are in very good, experienced hands with Ms. Simone. Her extensive trial experience has gained the respect of her peers and will help her provide you with the best criminal defense strategy available.

Caroline Simone, Counselor and Attorney at Law, serves clients throughout Denton County and the surrounding areas, including those in Dallas County, Lewisville, Carrollton and beyond. Contact her today for a FREE initial consultation. You can reach her online or by calling toll free at 877-225-0947.

The Many Forms of Assault

Texas law contains many different types of misdemeanor and felony-level assault offenses, including:

  • Domestic assault and other forms of family violence
  • Aggravated assault
  • Sexual assault
  • Injury to a child
  • Indecency with a child

No matter which assault charge you may be facing, Caroline Simone can help explain your options, including whether any legal defenses exist such as self-defense. Do not risk your future and possible freedom with a less capable attorney; contact Caroline Simone today.