How Do I Clear My Criminal Record?

Criminal records can follow you for a lifetime. In fact, even if you are never actually convicted, a record of your arrest will likely still exist ― threatening your chances of securing employment or going to college.

Fortunately, you do have certain options available in Texas if you want to clear your criminal record: expunctions and orders of nondisclosure. Essentially, if you are able to obtain an expunction, your arrest records will be destroyed. In the alternative, an order for nondisclosure seals your records to the public ― although they may still be available to law enforcement and certain other government agencies. In either case, however, you are legally able to deny that your arrest occurred once these are granted by the court.

Who is Eligible?

Expunctions and nondisclosures can only be obtained in certain situations. For instance, you may be eligible for an expunction of your criminal arrest record if:

  • You were arrested, but never charged and the statute of limitations has expired
  • Your criminal case was dismissed
  • You were acquitted and found "not guilty"
  • You completed a pretrial diversion program, which results in your case being dismissed

Alternatively, you may be able to seek an order of nondisclosure if you were sentenced to deferred adjudication. Deferred adjudication basically means you plead guilty to an offense but the court "defers" a finding of guilt while you are on a type of probation. Once you successfully complete the probation, your charges will be dismissed and you can eventually petition for a nondisclosure order.

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